How you can help if you are caring for community cats

If you are feeding community cats please consider your neighbors and work together to create a positive situation for humans and animals.

  • Create a feeding station and keep it clean.
  • Don’t leave food out indefinitely. Pull food after 30 minutes to discourage other animals like skunks and raccoons from visiting.
  • Consider creating a litter area, like a patch of sand, that you clean regularly so the cats are not using flower beds.
  • If your neighbors are complaining about the cats in their yards consider talking with them about the deterrents found on Living With Cats.

You are an ambassador for community cats so making peace with your neighbors is important for everyone’s sake. If you are feeding a colony of community cats please contact GVCC. We can provide TNR services and other resources that will maintain the health of the colony. I need help with community cats.


Register Colony with CatStats

If you are caring for community cats please let us know. You can register with our CatStats page. No one but a GVCC admin can see the information you enter and we will not share that information with anyone other than the limited information trappers need for TNR purposes. Other users cannot access your information and the Neighborhood Cats staff (creators of the software) do not access your information.  CatStats allows us to determine community needs while also giving us a better sense of the population of community cats in the Grand Valley. CatStats also gives you a way to track each colonies population and needs. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at