Living with cats is a balance. If you have found a cat that might be a lost pet or is feral or stray visit our I Found A Cat page for some useful tips.

Even people who love animals can find cat behavior a bit annoying. There are several things you can do to discourage cats from digging in gardens, marking territory and being a general nuisance in your yard.

One of the newest products that comes highly recommended by our friends at Best Friends Animal Society is Scram. Don’t be fooled by the reviews on Amazon, if Best Friends has been impressed then it shows a lot of promise. The key to success with any deterrent is consistent re-application. No deterrent works instantly and forever.

Other deterrents:

  • Spread sand away from your garden as a dedicated spot for cats to use as a litter box (instead of your flower beds)
  • Lay sticks in a lattice pattern in flower beds to deter digging
  • Spray a dilution of vinegar and water on areas the cats are marking territory to neutralize smell and deter future marking-very important that you re-apply frequently especially after it rains
  • Set up a motion activated water deterrent  or a motion activated air deterrent like SSScat
  • Provide community cats with an alternate shelter to keep them out of sheds, garages and under porches
  • Completely close off crawl spaces, sheds and areas under buildings (make sure the cats are out first)
  • If you are worried about cats and birds consider raising bird feeders and installing deterrents in areas where bird feeders are located

The trick to all deterrents is to use them consistently for long periods of time. If you apply Scram once and never again, it will only work for a short while, but if you re-apply consistently the cats will develop new habits over time.

If you have a complaint or suspect neglect or cruelty please contact Mesa County Animal Services directly at 970-242-4646 or visit their website: 

If you are feeding community cats please consider your neighbors and work together to If you are feeding a colony of community cats in please contact GVCC. We can provide TNR services and other resources that will maintain the health of the colony. I need help with cats.